thinner, fitter, fasterHiiT ZONE is a Los Angeles based fitness company that creates branded group exercise classes that combine high intensity interval training with MYZONE heart rate monitoring technology, in a fun and encouraging social environment. We are not a gym, so there are no gym dues or contracts. You simply buy packages of classes, which never expire, or you can sign up for the HiiT ZONE Program. The HiiT ZONE program enables you to take unlimited classes each month, and gives you access to a personal fitness consultant who will help you to achieve your fitness and weight loss goals. The HiiT ZONE program utilizes the MYZONE heart monitoring belt and a bio impedance scale which is available to you before or after class.

The MYZONE heart rate monitoring belt is unique in that it captures your heart rate data in and out of the studio, so that you can track the efficiency of all your exercise efforts. We take the guess work out of knowing if your overall exercise program is working or if you are wasting time and money. Just register your belt on our website at "MY HiiT ZONE" and you will be given your own cloud account so that you can track your MEP's.

What are MEPs? MYZONE Effort Points (MEPs) are a new metric for measuring physical activity. MEPs accumulate for every minute of activity that a user spends in the 5 effort (intensity) zones based on one's individual maximum heart rate. The more effort that is put in, the more MYZONE Effort points are earned!

In addition to MEPs, MYZONE calculates calories burned, duration and time of activity and with the help of our bio impedance scale, can also monitor and track such values as weight, muscle mass, body water %, metabolic age, body fat % and much more.

Every user receives their own cloud based account where all activity is automatically uploaded acting as an online log book of all physical activity. HiiT ZONE classes represent the convergence of fitness and technology, and exercise will never be the same.